PRE-SALE: CEREMONIAL CACAO - 100% Arriba Nacional cacao paste 1kg (35.28 oz)

PRE-SALE: CEREMONIAL CACAO - 100% Arriba Nacional cacao paste 1kg (35.28 oz)

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PRE-SALE: We are on our way to visit some of the farmers that we work with and source some amazing magic for the next year. Currently we are sold out on last years plain cacao. Be the first to try this years harvest and enjoy 10% off the normal price!

Theobroma Cacao, translated in Greek as “food for the Gods,” has been used as a sacred medicine by the indigenous communities of Central and South America for over 5,000 years. Among the long list of physical benefits, cacao helps us release stored emotions and connect with our higher self. We source high vibrational cacao with the highest nutritional content for use in ritual and ceremonies.

Ceremonial Cacao is made from rare heirloom and land-raised varieties of cacao, grown in regenerative farms. Farmers and all of the people that contributed in the supply chain are compensated appropriately and tribute is paid to the indigenous communities that carry the wisdom and teaching of ceremonial cacao. We invite you to explore our four blends: Water, Earth, Fire, and Air, and experience the unique benefits that each of them bring. Each element blend includes a guided meditation and instructions on how to conduct your own ritual at home inviting the qualities of each element to your life. You’ll find that cacao is not just a food, but a journey. One that is heart opening and playful. Simply set an intention before consuming and you will find that there’s more to chocolate than you thought.

SERVINGS: About 23 ceremonial servings per container.

The cacao used to make this blend comes exclusively from Otto Mendoza Sembrano’ farm. Watch his interview below.

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