The two siblings behind Cacao Lab

We were born in S.C. de Bariloche, a small town in the south of Argentina best known for its chocolate. In March 2001 our family relocated to New York where we finished our studies. Florencia began to travel the world and Eric pursued a career in marketing.


How we connected with cacao in the first place

In January 2016 Florencia visited Lake Atitlan, Guatemala to study metaphysical practices. Here she was introduced to Cacao during a ceremonies led by a Mayan day-keeper, a guardian of Mayan wisdom. Florencia had a powerful moment in a broader time of transformation and introspection.


What inspired us to launch Cacao Lab

Seeing how strongly cacao helped her to connect with herself, and in turn with others, Florencia approached Eric to help her bring ceremonial cacao to the United States. In January 2017 the two siblings traveled to Guatemala and then Ecuador in search of farms that could provide high vibrational cacao while ensuring the protection and sustainability of mother earth.