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Ceremonial Cacao Immersive

An 8 week immersive program with Florencia Fridman designed to help you cultivate an understanding of the use of cacao as a plant medicine. You will learn about yourself as you learn and connect with the spirit of cacao. We will dive deep into the benefits of cacao on an energetic and a physical level.


September 29th to November 17th

  • 5 online sessions with educational material

  • 2 in-person ceremonies with the group with discussion of your progress, teachings, Cacao, group sharing, and different activities connecting to Cacao

  • 2 days in nature to deepen our understanding of the elements and ritual. 

  • A variety of handouts, recipes, resource recommendations like books, websites, leaders in the field to continue your learning even after the training.  

  • A ceremonial Cacao kit made uniquely for you with essentials for your altar and Cacao used during your training process

  • Potential Cacao ceremony opportunities as a facilitator. 

  • 40% off any purchase on Cacao Labs website

  • Guidance on creating your own blessing and group song to sing during the making of Cacao

  • Demo on how to make your own Ceremonial Cacao