Monthly Subscription Virtual Experience

Monthly Subscription Virtual Experience

69.00 every month 96.00 every month

Join the exploration of ancient wisdom and practices to expand the sacred intelligence on an individual and collective level. We will gather weekly around the essence of cacao to connect us with our purpose and mission in life. Tap into the elements of nature, using pranayama practices and sound meditation to dwell into this human experience from a deeper connection to the self.

Your monthly subscription will grant you access to our digital cacao circles guided by ceremonialists from the global Cacao Lab community. Along with access to a digital community, you will receive a daily supply of cacao (1 kg of the blend of the month). Every person in our digital community will receive the same blend and we will collectively work with the essence of each particular element. You will receive:

1 Kilo of the blend of the month

1 Ceremonial Cup (with your first delivery only)

1 smudging stick (energetic cleansing tool)

Access to weekly circles

Ceremonies will take place 9:00 am EST every Saturday starting September 28th. Discounted price available until September 17th.