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Messengers of Love: East of the Sun West of the Moon

  • DAYA Yoga Studios 360 Jefferson Street Brooklyn, NY, 11237 United States (map)

Messengers of Love: East of the Sun West of the Moon

Ceremonial Ka Dance & Cacao

We will celebrate while space is held, honored and harvested within the many flavors and shades of Love.

Through ritual, resonance and rhythm we will actualize, activate and anchor with the food and frequencies of the ‘flowering heart’.

Come pour yourself into the rich tones of The Beloved.

We will share depth and lightness. 

3 hours $33

Ceremonial grade (Cacao Laboratory) Arriba Nacional sacred cacao from Ecuador

Harmonic Attunement  

Sound Journey 

Channeled Guided KA (light body) Movement

Story time for our inner child

Come in your favorite shade of love (red/pink/gold/green/white/purple etc) to represent your personal color frequency in a collective rainbow heart to give and receive freely and easily.

Cacao Laboratory ceremonial grade cacao lovingly implemented as the heart medicina for the complex blend that will be curated for the evening.

About Ceremonialist

Erika Laila, artist, ceremonialist and divinatory Guide; follows in the footsteps of rhythmic essence movement symbolists such as Isadora Duncan, Gabrielle Roth and Pina Bausch.

She is committed to raising the frequency of our planet through raising the light quotient within each of us through song, dance, truth, beauty and love.