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Cacao + Dance

Join us for an ecstatic evening of connection to self, spirit and community through the magic alchemy of sound, movement and sacred chocolate.  Start with a ceremonial dose of organic Ceremonial cacao and a sound meditation guided by Florencia Fridman (Cacao Lab) and move upstairs into a free-form dance space curated by DJ/producers Mixwell and Yemanjo, co-founders of GLOBO world beat dance party (Lake Atitlan, Guatemala)

Wednesday June 13
X Marks the Loft
405 Johnson Ave
Brooklyn, New York

7pm doors
7:30pm cacao ceremony
8:30pm DANCE!

There will be a sacred space providing Reiki and guided meditations throughout the night. 

Exchange: $20 advance/$25 at the door

About your hosts:
Florencia Fridman is founder of Cacao Lab, a NYC-based organization dedicated to sharing knowledge and experiences of sacred chocolate.  "The combination of Sound and Cacao are profound tools to expand our vision and reality. Allowing us to shift our frequency and change our story."

Mixwell and Yemanjo are internationally touring DJs, producers and musicians who co-founded GLOBO World Beat Dance Party in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala in 2016.  They are fixtures on the global electronic scene in both Central and North America and have provided audio alchemy for many cacao journeys throughout the world.