cacao ceremony

Cacao ceremonies are diverse in their expression. The one constant in any cacao ceremony is genuine human connection and a dissolving of the barriers that separate us.  By growing in connection to our existence and the world around us we are able to go deeper within. The goal is to shift the stagnant energy and create a revolution of the soul.

Our life is made up of rituals, most of us seem to go thru the motions mindlessly which can lead us to drift away and keep us from achieving our goals. Cacao Lab invites you to take the time to honor and respect each moment in time. To acknowledge and give thanks for each breath that we take reminding us of the preciousness of being alive.  Encouraging us to be more authentic with others in celebrating each day and turning our life into a ceremony by living each moment more consciously.

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Maya ceremonies

The Maya Cosmovision is often shared through stories and is more or less a connection of what is known as the unseen to what we call reality. Ceremonies are a great opportunity to share these stories and to expand our life perspectives and to open our hearts. Ceremonies arean opportunity to thanks to our ancestors, and to those who guide our path, and share their wisdom with us.

Tojil, the God of the fire is a great messenger representing the world of the unseen and is the center of many Maya ceremonies. Another element of Maya ceremonies is the Sacred Calendar which is honored through the invocation of the 20 Nawuales and 13energies that sustain it. Different offerings such as Copal, Panella, tabaco, seeds, herbs, and candles are gifted to the fire as a representation to the devotion and admiration of these energies. 

These days, little information remains about the exact way in which cacao ceremonies we conducted. However, the story of the Popol Vuh which is the Maya sacred book about the story of creation, there are three main questions that are explored.  What are our roots?   Where are we going?   What is our purpose and mission?    

Cacao ceremonies

Although the Maya Cacao ceremonies are still performed today by Maya Daykeepers, there has been a shift in how Cacao is used today by ceremonialists. As we have mentioned we propose making your life a ceremony, living more consciously each minute. The ceremonies performed in cities by younger generations have added a twist to include mainstream elements that people are already familiar with.  Cacao is used as a facilitator in a number of  heart opening modalities, during yoga classes, sound meditations, sound baths, dance meditations, writing workshops, and even dance parties as a substituting for alcohol.