Clip from documentary about cacao ceremony.

What is a cacao ceremony?

A cacao ceremony is community gathering centered around the ancestral drink of cacao. We drink cacao to meditate and to express gratitude for all that we have and all that we are. The flood magnesium and other feel good molecules in cacao open up your heart helping you connect with yourself and your community. This millenary practice takes root with the Maya T’zutujil tribe in Guatemala, you can learn more by watching our short documentary Food of the Gods. Click Here to watch

What can you expect to feel after a cacao ceremony

  • An open Heart

  • Pure happiness and bliss

  • Feeling of belonging

  • feeling love towards other people

  • A desire to be kind

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How to have your own ceremony

This is your starter kit for cacao ceremony

The Sacred Elements Cacao Blends were designed to help you harness the qualities of each of the four sacred elements, Earth, Water, Fire and Air. Along with each of the blends you will receive instructions on how to perform the sacred ritual of cacao ceremony as well as access to a guided meditation that will assist you in you in your journey.